Federal Offenses

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch routinely practices in Federal Court in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Fort Myers and Key West. Although Mr. Parwaresch is allowed to practice in any Federal Court in the United States, he holds specific Federal Court admissions in the states of Florida, NEW York and Wisconsin.

Attorney Office Building Being investigated ,arrested or prosecuted for a Federal Law Violation can me intimidating at first. This is largely due to the tremendous investigative powers Federal Law Enforcement agencies have. Unlike state police officers, Federal Agents from the FBI, DEA, ICE, DHS, FDA ... have more resources and time available to investigate and prepare their case against you. Often a Federal Investigation spans over many months and thousands of documents or involves an informant who has months worth of alleged evidence. Therefore, it is critical that you consult with an experienced Federal Defense lawyer, who understands the local Court rules and is comfortable with the judges and prosecutors.

Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian ParwareschAttorney Parwaresch has defended hundreds of Individuals who have been investigated or prosecuted by the Federal Government. He will be able to limit your exposure during the Federal Investigation, frequently consulting with expert witnesses such as Former DEA and FDA agents, Physicians or Forensic Accountants. Once the Government has concluded it's investigation, the Grand Jury Process initiates. Mr. Parwaresch has extensive experience in defending even the most complex Conspiracies at the Grand Jury Level.

Miami Federal Criminal Defense AttorneyIf an arrest is imminent Federal Lawyer Parwaresch will aggressively argue in front of the Federal Magistrate Judge for a low Bond in your case. As most federal accusations involve White Collar Crimes without allegations of violence, the bond process is very speedy and well organized in the Federal System. Following all Bond Matters, attorney Parwaresch will create and execute a strategy to completely defend or minimize the criminal accusations against you. Whether you choose to go to trial in your case or opt for another solution, you will feel well protected and represented at every stage of the process.

Miami Federal Criminal Defense AttorneyFederal Criminal Defense Lawyer Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch knows Federal Crimes and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, he knows the Judges and Prosecutors and he knows how to get the best result for you. Call or email attorney Parwaresch now and start defending your case against the Federal Government.

Many of Mr. Parwaresch's Federal Cases have been featured in the Media world wide. This includes the following cases:

  • Mortgage Fraud in the millions in Miami (2009)
  • German LTU official charged with selling fighter plain engines to Libya
  • Largest Federal Credit Card Fraud case in Miami at the time, $5.7 million
  • German Business man charged in Miami Federal Court for assisting Terrorist organization
  • Death Threat to the US president at the time, president George W. Bush
  • Columbian Money Launder hires killer to assassinate FBI informant (June 2010)

Mr. Parwaresch's Cases Have Been Featured in:

  1. Money Loundering

  2. Alien smuggling, human smuggling

  3. Embezzlement, bank or FDIC

  4. Insider trading

  5. False statement

  6. Kickbacks

  7. Grand jury proceedings

  8. Failure to file cash

  9. Extraditions

  10. Prisoner transfer

  11. Asset forfeiture

  12. Internet and cyber crimes


  1. International Drug trafficking conspiracy
  2. Drug importation
  3. Money Laundering
  4. Prisoner Transfer
  5. Extradition
  6. Embargo violation
  7. Asset Forfeiture, Frozen Bank accounts
  8. International Tax Evasion
  9. Alien Smuggling
  10. Espionage
  11. International Internet crimes