International Criminal Issues

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch routinely represents individuals detained or living in foreign countries for offenses against the United States. For only about 20 years, it has become a routine practice for the Unites States to arrest and detain individuals in Foreign Countries. These days, the US government makes hundreds of arrests yearly in foreign counties and applies for extradition of many foreigners who have never even been to the Unites States. International drug conspiracies, International Terrorism, increased international banking and stock trading as well as multi continental internet crimes are only a few reasons why this new area of law has dramatically increased in volume. Attorney Parwaresch can respond quickly anywhere in the world to represent you if you are facing criminal charges or extradition proceedings in foreign or domestic courts, based on charges in or against the United States of America.

Attorney Parwaresch has long-standing relationships with foreign professionals such as lawyers, investigators, foreign law enforcement agents, U.S. Federal Agents deployed outside the United States and Prosecutors. Defending International Conspiracies in US Federal Courts, extradition hearings domestic and oversees, cooperation meetings in foreign countries and handling complex international tax Evasion schemes, are areas in which Mr. Parwaresch has excelled to one of the most successful International Criminal Lawyers in the United States.

Speaking English, Spanish, German and Farci fluently takes Attorney Parwaresch to many foreign countries on a frequent basis including Columbia, Mexico, Domincan Republic, Panama, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Dubai and Israel.

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  1. International Drug trafficking conspiracy
  2. Drug importation
  3. Money Loundering
  4. Prisoner Transfer
  5. Extradiction
  6. Embargo violation
  7. Asset Forfeiture, Frozen Bank accounts
  8. International Tax Evasion
  9. Alien Smuggling
  10. Espionage
  11. International Internet crimes
  12. Offenses and Conspiracies against the United States of America