Theft Crimes

Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch has successfully defended all types of theft cases in the State of Florida. From simple property theft to complex conspiracies involving multimillion dollar schemes to defraud, Mr. Parwaresch has the experience and ability to resolve your problem and he will create an action plan to represent your case the best way possible. A deep understanding of the statutes involving theft offenses, coupled with a reputation for aggressive trial work, will ensure your case is being presented to the Prosecutor and Judge with a background of favorable precedents. From the beginning of his Criminal Defense Practice, it has been Attorney Parwaresch's mission to avoid jail time and a criminal convictions at all costs.

Reach out to Attorney Parwaresch today and discuss the details of your case involving any type of theft. Mr. Parwaresch has handled these cases before, knows your Prosecutor and Judge and has an outstanding track record in this area of criminal law.