Grand Theft

Grand theft is one of the most frequently charged crimes in the State of Florida. It can be broken down into three categories, third, second and first degree. In general, if the value of the stolen property is below $20.000 a third degree offense with a maximum jail sentence of 5 years would be applied. Should the value of the stolen property rise above $20.000 but less than $100.000, the prosecutor would charge a second degree grand theft with a maximum jail sentence of 15 years. In some cases the prosecution argues that the value of the stolen property exceeds $100.000 prompting a first degree accusation with a maximum sentence of up to 30 years. In that case the prosecutor would most likely be from the Economic Crimes Unit and an extensive investigation would predate any arrest.

Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch has represented hundreds of clients in all types of Grand Theft allegations. He has leaned that in these types of cases immediate intervention and negotiation with law enforcement and the prosecutor can make all the difference. Narrowing the margin of value and number of transactions counted against a client will be determinative for the amount and possibility of posting a bond as well the ultimate resolution of the case.

In his years of practice attorney Parwaresch has been able do divert more than 200 Grand Theft cases from criminal prosecution, leaving the clients without any type of criminal record or immigration consequences. Once contacted by a client in regards to this type of an accusation, Mr. Parwaresch meets with the investigating officer to evaluate the evidence and initiates your defense with out delay. Even after an arrest has been executed in regards to Grand Theft charges , Mr. Parwaresch is often able to resolve the accusations before the first Court hearing without the client ever needing to step into the Court room. Intrinsic familiarity with these charges, long standing relationships with investigating officers and prosecutors and close attention to detail make Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaesch your best weapon against Grand Theft accusations.

In order to prevail the prosecution has to prove that the accused knowingly and unlawfully obtained the victim's property and had the intent to temporarily or permanently deprive the victim of the use of the property. As this is a specific intent crime and it is not possible to look inside an accused's head at the time of the offense, the prosecutor is often forced to use circumstantial evidence in order to attempt to illustrate what the accused's real intentions were at the time of the offense. Exactly this is the reason why Mr. Parwaresch has been so successful in beating these cases, minimizing the Prosecutors case and exploring alternative solutions for his clients. This often means negotiating with victims, banks, insurance adjusters and underwriters, finance companies. Attorney Parwaresch will handle every part in your criminal case personally and is always available to answer any question that might come up during the defense process. Call or email Mr. Parwaresch to analyze and discuss your Grand Theft case.