Petite Theft / Shoplifting

Petit Theft and Shoplifting are Misdemeanor offenses that will affect your criminal record and immigration status. Because in Immigration Court classifies Petite Theft as a crime of moral turpitude any type of record has fatal consequences to non citizen regardless of their status in the United States. Future employes will decline your applications based on such an arrest alone. Understanding these severe consequence is the first step to successfully resolving a Petit Theft accusation.

Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch has defensed over 200 Petite Theft allegations in which The charges were dismissed and the arrest and Court Case were taken out of the record. After prosecuting hundreds of these accusation Attorney Parwaresch understands how the prosecution will prepare and litigate their case. An extrinsic understanding of the body of law involved in this offense and an intimate understanding of the judicial process makes Attorney Parwaresch your best weapon against a Petite Theft offense.

These cases arise in a variety of fact patterns including shop lifting, check fraud, employer-employee disputes, family disagreements, divorce or tax payments. In order to prevail the State needs to prove that the accused intentionally and unlawfully obtained the property with the intent to temporarily or permanently deprive the victim of it's use. Furthermore, the value of the stolen property must be more than $300. Petite Theft is a specific intent crime and this is the element that the prosecution has the most difficulties in proving.

Attorney Parwaresch will negotiate with the investigating officer, the prosecutor and often times the alleged victim. Coordinating his efforts with all participating parties assures a complex defense strategy that has served his clients well. If you are being investigated for Petit Theft or a case has been initiated against you, feel free to call Criminal Defense Attorney Parwaresch to discuss how he can assist you.