Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud has increased so much over the last couple of years that most Florida Prosecutors offices including the Miami, Broward and Palm Beach State attorney's offices have specialized units dedicated to litigating these cases. Additionally, even police departments are now training specialized detectives in the area of this crime. As the prosecution of these offenses has changed and gotten more aggressive, the defense has also become more challenging involving now not only the transactions, but also international banking and credit information, custodial record keeping and forensic experts.

Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch has represented hundreds of individuals charged with Credit Card Fraud, ranging from cases involving single transactions with a false credit card to complex conspiracies charging use of over 500000 false credit cards with financial losses in the millions. Case by case attorney Parwaresch challenges the Prosecution's case and analyses every detail to create a solid defense strategy. This experience coupled with a deep understanding of the purchase transactions, the card label, certificate, emblem and number as well as banking and credit system has allowed Mr. Parwaresch to protect his clients form a criminal record and jail time.

The arrest for any type of fraud is often so detrimental to an accused's employment that fighting these cases many times becomes the single most important aspect of their lives. Having an experienced and well connected Criminal Defense Attorney on your side will be your best insurance to protect your future. As the prosecutor often identifies the accused through witnesses during the purchase transaction, it is of most importance to immediately initiate a legal defense by collecting and securing our access to those most important witnesses. Time is of the essence and the earlier your lawyer can begin communicating with police and prosecutors, the easier and faster your case can be resolved.

Law enforcement officers see or want to see connections between all credit card offenders. Special data bases have been created by a Florida task force to track these offenders throughout the state and try to connect their actions. There are watch lists and local law enforcement now reports all these arrests and investigations to the FBI for information processing. As many independent individuals often purchase the blank credit cards or numbers from common sources, a connection is often drawn although there is absolutely no coordinated effort in existence.

Local police departments, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI are involved in most larger credit card Fraud investigations. Therefore, it is important that your defense lawyer is comfortable and has handled numerous cases against these agencies. For the past 15 years Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Parwareresch has handled Credit Card Fraud cases in Miami and throughout the State of Florida. If you or someone close to you are being investigated or have been arrested for Credit Card Fraud, immediately call Mr. Parwaresch for a free consultation.