Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is being prosecuted in a large variety of situations including staged car accidents, false car repair claims, false or excessive home owner claims, medical billing and spousal homicides, to just name a few. Many of these cases are being initiated by an insurance agent with a hunch and absolutely no proof of fraudulent intent. Unfortunately, most insurance companies have standing relationships with local detectives who are eager to start new cases.

As these cases are always predated by an insurance claim, there is always some time of pre arrest investigation. Most arrests in this area can be avoided by hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer during the initial investigation. Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch will negotiate with the insurance agent, detective and prosecutor in order to resolve the accusations against you. Even if you already have been arrested you should immediately discuss your criminal defense options with attorney Parwaresch, as he has diverted hundreds of such cases out of the criminal justice system, leaving the clients without a criminal record.

Protecting the clients from jail time and keeping their records clean as well as minimizing restitution obligations at all costs are Mr. Parwaresch's mandate in every insurance fraud defense. A long history of successful verdicts distinguish attorney Parwaresch as one of the most sought after white collar criminal defense lawyers in Miami and throughout the State. If you, your business or a loved one are being investigated or prosecuted for any type of insurance fraud, you should call attorney Parwaresch right away to initiate the solution of your problem.