Possession of a False ID

The possession of a false identification is a felony of the third degree and requires immediate attention of an experience Criminal Defense Lawyer. These accusations fall usually in two categories, either an underaged individual is using the Identification to appear older than 21 or the ID is used to hide the accused's identity during the commission of a crime. Often the ID charge appears in conjunction with a fraudulent credit card that has the same name as the ID.

The definition of what is considered an Identification is relatively broad and includes US and foreign driving licenses, passports and Identification Cards. If in fact an accused is in the possession of a false identification, it is of utmost importance to deploy the services of an experience Defense Lawyer right away.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch has been successfully defending these allegations for more that 10 years and has developed a strategy that has left hundreds of clients without any criminal record although in possession of a false identification. Attorney Parwaresch has many times been able to resolve false ID cases within three weeks of the arrest during the pre file period. Having been a Miami Prosecutor (division chief), he is intrinsically familiar with the procedure of a criminal case before the arraignment which is the first court hearing. Mr. Parwaresch believes in a very strong pre arraignment representation as experience has toughed him that most of these cases can be resolved prior to long drawn out court proceeding.

An investigation or arrest for this offense will often trigger a report to federal authorities in specific the secret service. This federal agency tracks all ID crimes and always attempts to draw connections and conspiracies between independent criminal acts by looking for commonalties. If the accused is not a US citizen, the Immigration authorities have been acting very aggressive to False ID arrests and time is therefore of the essence to resolve this accusation as soon as possible. Call or email attorney Parwaresch now to discuss your False ID defense with you.