Forgery is defined as the falsifying of a document. The prosecutor has to prove that the accused falsified, altered, forged or counterfeited a Document and that he intended to injure or defraud the victim. Having been practicing for more than 15 years white collar criminal law in the United States Crime Capital Miami, Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch has favorably resolved countless allegations of forgery in Miami and throughout the State of Florida.

Attorney Parwaresch attacks these cases on at least two fronts. Initially, the signature or forgery itself is examined and reviewed by top notch defense experts . Long standing relationships with hand writing and forensic document analysts since his early days as a prosecutor, allow attorney Parwaresch to select the most appropriate expert witness for your case. As often the expert opinion can put a stop to an investigation or resolves a case shortly after an arrest, it is of utmost importance to chose an expert that is well respected by your prosecutor.

Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch understands the upfront investigation that accompanies these allegations and has developed a strategic defense procedure that incorporates direct negotiation with the investigator or detective on the case. Having a reputation as a well known, highly ethical and straight forward lawyer in Miami and through out the Sate, gives attorney Parwaresch the opportunity to discuss and present beneficial evidence prior to any substantial Court proceedings. This proactive approach has worked very well for his clients in the past and if you are being investigated or have been arrested for Forgery call or email attorney Parwaresch to analyze the defense of your case.