Drug Cases

As a Former Miami Prosecutor Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch has handled literally thousands of drug cases in Miami State Court and mosts Courts in the State of Florida. Whether he argues a motion to exclude a police search for violating a client's constitutional rights or convinces a jury that a certain drug conspiracy did not include his client, Attorney Parwaresch is one of Florida's most distinguished Narcotics defense lawyers. Frequently, cases involving drugs such as Importation and trafficking of cocaine, Cultivation and trafficking of marijuana, counter fitting or diluting of pharmaceutical drugs, drug conspiracies or racketeering organizations are featured on channel 7, Univision and CNN.

The most serious offenses involving drugs are TRAFFICKING allegations. Florida Statute 893.135 outlines minimum mandatory sentences for these offenses based on the amount of drugs you are responsible for. Attorney Parwaresch knows how to take effective discovery and depositions, he excels at arguing well–crafted motions and has beaten the State of Florida in countless drug cases. Most Narcotics cases stem from either the incriminating statements of a Police Informant or the direct search of a police officer. Mr. Parwaresch is experienced in attacking so called Informants or Snitches and will aggressively dissect every police procedure and action in your case, to exclude the search and seizure of the narcotics, based on law enforcement's violation of your Constitutional Rights. Criminal Defense Attorney Parwaresch uses his experiences prosecuting Drug Offenses and years of defending them, to analyze, investigate and successfully defend your case.

If you have been arrested of any type of Narcotics Violation, you need immediate representation at the Bond stage, the investigation and discovery level and the judicial Solution of your Case. Let experience, reputation and an innovative defense strategy assist you in getting your life back on track.