Violent Crimes

Violent crimes deal with an accusation of ether the threat of violence or the execution of a violent act. Many times a prior relationship exists between the alleged Victim and the Accused, like employer and employee, husband and wife, neighbors or classmates. Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch has many times been able to prevent the filing of criminal charges following an arrest, if he was hired early on in the case. In many other cases, Mr. Parwaresch was able to convince the Prosecutor to file less serious charges against his clients. Especially, in these types of cases, an aggressive investigation and representation coupled with the use of forensic experts makes all the difference in world.

The most serious of the violent crimes are the NON BONDABLE or LIFE FELONIES. If you have been charged with such an offense, you are not entitled to a bond automatically and you are looking at the possibility of a Life Sentence in Prison. Most attorneys will not even try to get a bond in theses offenses. Criminal Defense Lawyer Bijan Parwaresch has handles hundreds of such cases as a Miami Prosecutor and as a prominent Defense Lawyer. He knows that it is always necessary to fight for bond in these matters and has gotten many clients released on non bondable life felony charges such as Armed Robbery, Armed Narcotics Trafficking, Kidnapping, attempted Murder and armed Burglary. Additionally, attorney Parwaresch believes that without using this bond hearing (Arther Hearing) as an opportunity to question the state's witnesses about their information, no successful outcome of the court case can be secured. Mr. Parwaresch integrates and defends every available step within the criminal justice system, to secure a victorious outcome in every case.