White Collar Crimes

Criminal Defense attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch has represented hundreds of individuals during investigations and Criminal Prosecutions by the State of Florida in white collar criminal accusations. His track record of high profile economic crimes cases, only makes Mr. Parwaresch more diligent and motivated to maintain this high standard of cutting edge criminal defense. Frequently, attorney Parwaresch convinces the prosecution through documents and experts that his client did not commit a crime, and other times he persuades a Jury to liberate his client.

Often specialized divisions of the police department and the prosecutor's office are pressing these cases aggressively forward. Therefore, it is essential that you hire and immediately deploy an experienced and aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney. Extensive experience combined with an intimate understanding of white collar legal issues will give you an edge in court, where it counts most. It is always Mr. Parwaresch's mission to avoid jail time and a conviction as well as limiting any financial exposure such as Court ordered fees or restitution. Even if you avoid prison time and severe financial penalties, the conviction of a white collar crime can destroy your professional reputation. The mere accusation of misconduct can damage your career. For this reason, white collar accusations should be aggressively defended even when the prosecution's case seems weak at first.

Call or email Attorney Parwaresch so he can outline a specific action plan for your defense. Whether you have been requested by the State to produce documents and records or whether you have been arrested for a white collar offense, Attorney Parwaresch will use his experience to successfully resolve your situation.