Sex Crimes

There is nothing more tormenting than being investigated or prosecuted for a sexual offense. Embarrassment, publicity, and stiff prison sentences are only some of the hardships an individual faces during these types of accusations. Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch knows how the prosecutor prepares and presents his case and will take preemptive actions from the second he is retained. Collection of physical and testimonial evidence as well as the hiring of forensic experts early on in a sex case is a necessary prerequisite to a comprehensive and aggressive defense of such allegations.

The possible consequences of sexual criminal allegations far surpasse the immediate concerns for Jail or Probation. In that regard, various laws have been enacted in Florida that prevent individuals after a conviction, from living, working or even being at many places within city limits. Indefinite civil commitment can keep individuals incarcerated, long after the criminal case has finished. The resolution of an accusation that has such far reaching consequences for the rest of your life, requires a defense attorney on your side with years of experience, a comprehensive understanding of the laws involved and an aggressive enthusiasm to fight for your rights.

Attorney Parwaresch has handled hundreds of these accusations as a prosecutor and defended numerous high profile sex crimes cases in Miami and through out the State of Florida. Call or email Mr. Parwaresch to start defending these allegations now.