DUI Defense

Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch dedicated many years as a prosecutor to prosecuting all kinds of DUI offenses. From a regular first DUI to Felony DUIs involving death, Mr. Parwaresch has first hand experience at the pretrial, discovery, motion and trial level. For 15 years Mr. Parwaresch has studied and argued DUI law and continues to stay on the forefront of cutting edge DUI defense by being a member of virtually every DUI defense Association in the country and visiting the newest DUI seminars in the Country.

The State of Florida has a unique and extensive body of law in the are of DUI offenses. It is this legal expertise combined with a reputation as an aggressive hard hitting trial attorney that often resolves DUI cases just by filing motions or benefitting from the speedy trial rule. Always on the look out for a way to break your case, Mr. Parwaresch will attack the reason why police stopped you, the way the roadside tests were administered and the process involving your breath sample.

A very important collateral effect of a DUI arrest is the suspension of your driving license. Mr. Parwaresch will immediately upon being retained request a Formal Adversary Preliminary Review in order to reinstate your driving privileges. It is Mr. Parwaresch's goal to have his clients maintain their driving privileges throughout the case.

Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch knows that every case, no matter how strong it appears for the prosecution, can turn in an instance and a victorious or satisfactory outcome can be attained.