Fraud Crimes

Federal Criminal Fraud Cases can be investigated by a large variety of Federal agencies including the FBI, Secret Service, FDA, US postal service and many others. Because most Federal Arrests involve a Grand Jury process before the arrest, often large investigations pre-date a criminal arrest. It is of utmost importance that you hire a lawyer immediately upon the Federal Government attempting to make contact with you. Document inspections and any other types of communications with a Federal agent or agency should be supervised by an experienced criminal defense attorney to minimize your exposure. Attorney Parwaresch is able to influence and often divert the investigation against his clients.

Having worked closely with a Miami Federal Judge, the Honorable District Court Judge Donald Graham, Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Parwaresch has represented countless individuals in Federal Fraud Allegation. Mortgage Fraud, Bank Fraud and Health Care Fraud are only some of the many types of theft and fraud cases the Federal Government aggressively prosecutes. A large variety of Mr. Parwaresch's Fraud cases have been featured in the media including a conspiracy involving $56 million.

15 years of Experience as an active criminal Trial lawyer, arguing motions and trying cases before juries virtually every single week day, has made Mr. Parwaresch your best choice as a defense and solution to Fraud charges by the federal government. Attorney Parwaresch uses his deep understanding of the Federal Criminal Statutes and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines to create a strategic defense plan for you.

Mr. Parwaresch knows that theses fraud conspiracies center around three key points

  1. Knowledge of the criminal conduct

  2. Intent to participate in the criminal conduct

  3. Amount of Loss involved in the fraud

While the first two points are relevant to deciding whether one is guilty or not of the accusations, the third point sets the stage for a Fraud case. The amount of money involved in the accusations translates through the Federal sentencing Guidelines into the term of possible prison sentence attributable in your case. Attacking and attempting to reduce the Amount of Loss the Government alleges, must be a priority in a comprehensive fraud defense.

Allow Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch to analyze the investigation or criminal prosecution of the Federal Government against you. Call or email now for an immediate consultation and action plan to defend your case.