Health Care Fraud

Health Care Fraud is no where in the country so abundant and aggressively prosecuted as in South Florida. Because most Health Care Fraud Cases involve financial amounts in the millions, the federal government has instituted new federal agencies to investigate and prosecute these crimes. Unfortunately, this volume of cases includes a large amount of innocent People who did not know of the fraud or did not participate in the criminal scheme.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Parwaresch has handled hundreds of health care fraud cases and has developed a systematic approach to counter these allegations. It is of utmost importance to thoroughly analyze the case and relevant documents, in order to illustrate that the accused had no or only limited involvement in the conduct underlying the accusations. Mr. Parwaresch deploys only the most reputable forensic experts to strengthen you case.

As these investigations by the federal agencies like the FBI, FDA and Secret Service start with the government's review of hundreds of documents, Mr. Parwaresch often has the chance to initiate the defense very early in the case. This head start has many times prevented an arrest or federal indictment from being filed at all.

If you are being investigated or have been arrested for a health case crime call or email Federal Criminal Lawyer Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch today to explore the various defense options you have.