Drug Related Offenses

In no other area of criminal law, the jail exposure is as high as in a Drug Related Offense. Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch has handled countless narcotics cases in the Southern and Middle District of Florida as well as many other Federal Courts through out the United States. Arguing federal drug cases in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Fort Myers and Tampa on a regular basis, gave Attorney Parwaresch invaluable experience in handling large complex national and international drug conspiracies and money laundering accusations. In many cases, Mr. Parwaresch has received lighter sentences for his clients than individuals charged in State Court with the same offenses.

Often times a person is investigated by state and federal law enforcement Groups that build narcotics task forces. The DEA is the lead agency in investigating narcotics violations, while the FBI and Secret Service handle the money laundering aspects of narcotics investigations. Mr. Parwaresch will initially secure and justify (prepare a Nebbia package) your bond to secure your speedy release from initial detention. During this procedure, attorney Parwaresch will handle all communications with the federal agents, the u.s. marshals assigned to your case as well as the Federal Judge and Magistrate.

Upon release from Custody, Mr. Parwaresch deploys various investigators and forensic experts to prepare the defense in your case. Experienced and aggressive legal representation is your only line of defense in this situation. Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch knows the prosecutors and the Federal Judges in your case and will use diligence and cutting edge forensic analysis to defend your case the best way possible. A deep understanding of the narcotics laws coupled with an outstanding track record in drug related cases, excelled Mr. Parwaresch to one of South Florida's leading Federal Narcotics Lawyer, with clients detained in the US and around the world, including Columbia, Netherlands, Mexico, Panama, Germany and many other countries.

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  • Drug possession
  • Drug manufacture and cultivation
  • Drug trafficking
  • International drug trafficking conspiracies
  • Money laundering
  • Racketeering