Federal Weapons Cases

A federal weapons case can range from the simple carrying of a concealed weapon in a federal building to an international trafficking of explosives or weapons of mass destruction. Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch has handled all types of federal weapons offenses and will use his experience to aggressively defend your case against the U.S. government and it's prosecuting agents.

Mr. Parwaresch has handled cases cases involving the trafficking of military fighter plains to Lybian leader Gadhafi worth millions of dollars, the sale of explosive devices by a German Businessman who allegedly aided terrorist organizations and a bomb threat against former President George Bush. Defending and litigating cases of such magnitude further deepened Mr. Parwaresch's intimate understanding of the federal weapon laws and the body of national and international law involved in these offenses.

Drawing upon his experience as a prosecutor, attorney Parwaresch anticipates the prosecutors every move and will take preemptive action by integrating first-class expert witnesses, cutting edge forensic analysis and a deep understanding of the law. Call or email Mr. Parwaresch to discuss in all confidentiality how he could resolve your case.