Do I have to answer questions of law enforcement officers?

There are some exceptions but in general you are not required to give information to law enforcement. Anything you say to a government agent can be used against you and others like family members. If you deploy the services of an experienced criminal lawyer, he will advise you on when, how and under what conditions to communicate with law enforcement.

What do I do if law enforcement contacts me?

At this point you have no idea who and what the agent or officer is investigating and therefore it is of utmost importance to immediately place a criminal defense lawyer between you and the government. You must know whether you are a target of the investigation, what is the subject matter, are there civil laws or rules that require you to respond to some government requests and what your prison exposure is. The process needs to be slowed down so you can make intelligent decisions under the care and advice of your lawyer.

What do I do once law enforcement has arrested me?

You need to stay calm as this period is crucial and you need to keep a clear head to control your actions. Other than your name and address, give no information and immediately request a lawyer. You must affirmatively state that you do not want to answer any questions and request to speak to a or better your defense lawyer immediately.

Should I hire a criminal defense lawyer

There are many invaluable benefits of having an aggressive defense lawyer working for you. Not only will you make legal decisions based on intelligent and experienced advice but you will also have a voice in court to defend your position competently. Every decision you make has one or multiple consequences and you can not afford to make any mistakes when your liberty is on the line.

Do I go to trial against the government?

This is a question that can only be answered after a full review and analysis of the evidence the government has against you. Often times this question never needs to be answered as there are many legal defenses raised in motions and legal arguments to the judge that can vindicate you. Additionally, there are many diversion programs that allow for a solution of criminal charges outside the criminal justice system and guaranty a crystal clear record after completion. Although criminal defense attorney Bijan Parwaresch always attempts to beat the charges against his clients long before an actual jury trial by way of an aggressive motion practice, in some cases a jury trial is the only viable solution. At that moment you will be relieved to have a seasoned trial lawyer advocate on your behalf.