Marijuana Business Lawyer

Attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch has 20 years experience in dealing with government agencies regulating and prosecuting marijuana growth and sales. In that capacity attorney Parwaresch regularly deals with local police agencies, the DEA and marijuana task force officers who will be taking over the new marijuana administrative agencies. In order to best prepare to advise his clients attorney Bijan Sebastian Parwaresch has kept up with the legal marijuana process in Colorado and California. He currently is a member of the National Cannabis Bar Association and the Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida.

This firm offers the following services in order to create and run a successful marijuana business in the state of Florida with an emphasis on conservative interpretation and administration of the laws and regulations in order to avoid any administrative, legal and criminal sanctions.

  • Consultation and counseling in reference to licensing for cultivation, real estate and marijuana dispensaries.
  • Creation of a business plan and discussion of required finances (including the posting of a bond)
  • Partnership agreements and business incorporation. Creation of your Marijuana business
  • Application and procurement of license to cultivate
  • Application and Procurement office license to dispense/sell
  • Compliance with state and local marijuana laws, rules and regulations. Including 24 hour available counseling regarding questions during the day today operation and Handling administrative and legal matters of the day to day administration.

Now that medical marijuana and it's business became legal in the State of Florida, most local governments have implemented a time out of usually two months in order to institute zoning and regulation ordinances.

It is most important to have a business plan, an Incorporated business, a valid straightforward partnership agreement and financing in place.